Journey to a Healthier Me

Hi!  I'm Vicki and this is my "Journey".  I am a 55 yr. old Mom and Nana to 5 grown adults and two grandchildren.  I have Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis and have been "obese" for years!!! In February of 2013, I suddenly had had enough of feeling yucky all of the time and I decided to do something about it.  That is the day that I began my journey to get healthier and thinner.

I have had quite a few people who have told me that my weight loss journey is inspiring them to also work on becoming healthier.  They have asked me to help them to also lose weight and learn how to eat healthier.  I am by no means an expert - but since joining Weight Watchers, I am in love with this program and what is is doing for me.

I will be sharing tips, exercise and recipes that have worked for me.  My entire journey has been to teach myself to make smarter choices, watch my portion sizes and become more active.  I do not agree with fad diets or supplements and will delete any post promoting any "diet products" on this page.

So browse the posts, feel free to add your comments or tips, recipes and comments of your own.  Be sure also to "Like" and visit my Facebook page:  Journey to a Healthier Me .

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