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Valentine's Day . . . From Third Century to Present Day

Fun, Facts & Food to Celebrate the Day!!

Valentine’s Day - the Feast of Saint Valentine - such a light-hearted and good-spirited holiday.

Valentine’s Day began as a church celebration of a third century Roman saint by the name of Valentinus who died on an ancient Roman road over the Apennine Mountains.  History isn’t even sure if there is only one St. Valentine or two of the same name.  Legend has it that St. Valentine was imprisoned for “performing weddings for soldiers who were forbidden to marry and for ministering to Christians, who were persecuted under the Roman Empire”.  It is said that while in prison, St. Valentine healed the daughter of his jailer and that before he was executed, he wrote, “from your Valentine” as a farewell.  St. Valentine was buried on February 14th – the day that we now know as Valentine’s Day.

Not until the High Middle Ages and into the 15th Century did this celebration become associated with “romance” . . . which originates with the “medieval ideal of chivalry.”  The romantic writings of Chaucer inspired the whole idea of Valentine’s Day being a holiday symbolized by love, hearts, doves and Cupid.

Medieval Period, English Renaissance, Modern Times – all brought more and more symbols and traditions of our present Valentine’s Day.  Discover all of the fascinating details by going to Wikipedia at's_Day to learn more.

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, this post will accent the many traditions that have developed over the years and provide fun things to see, do or make – all relating to Valentine’s Day.

Bursting with L♥VE: Felt Heart M&M's Holder - from Lolly Jane

Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve - from Country Living

Valentine's Crispy Treats - from Cookies & Cups

Cinnamon Swirl Cream Cheese Mints - from Barbara Bakes

Blowing Kisses Valentine Treat Bags - from Polkadots and Puppies

Valentine's Day Word Fun - found on Pinterest board by Church House Collection

Strawberry 2 Ingredient Fudge - from Cookies and Cups

Valentine Throw Pillow - from Diary of a Quilter

Valentine's Day Sensory Sink - from My Nearest And Dearest

Valentine 5-Layer Finger Jello - from The Food Librarian

DE-LISH Neopolitan Cupcakes - from i{heart}2stamp via

I Dig You Valentines - from Fry Family

Valentine's Day Countdown - from Curbly

Valentine Bingo - from Makoodle

Valentine Cupid Foot from Gallamore West

Strawberry Heart Oreos - from Thirty Handmade Days

Top Romantic Movies for Valentine's - from Better Homes and Gardens

Devil's Food Chocolate Cake Mix Cookies - from Sally's Baking Addiction

Valentine Pencil Tops - from at Second street

So enjoy the fun of Valentine's Day.  And remember, Valentine's Day is not just about falling in love with someone and being romantic, it is also love of yourself, love of the people around you, love of the Earth that we live on, love of being alive.  I read where someone said that February 14th should be thought of as "Appreciation of Love" day.  I like that idea.

"We should appreciate the love that surrounds us; we should share the love that lies within us and we should treasure the love that is given to us. The hearts I have broken in the past taught me to never settle for less and always go for what you want in life. The people who broke my heart taught me how to mend one.  Most importantly, Valentine’s Day should be a day where we are grateful for the people who taught us how to love."  -  by Jermel-Lynn Quillopo / Special to the Star-Advertiser

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