Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Waiting for Caleb

Our eldest daughter is expecting her first child - a boy that they will be naming Caleb. Her due date was New Year's eve but Caleb evidently is not yet ready to make his entrance into the world. Our daughter went to the doctor today and he said to wait another week. Poor girl!!

I remember waiting for my first child when he went past my due date as well. He was a month overdue!  I think that the doctor MUST have made a mistake when calculating my due date.  It was so hard to go to the doctor each week and have other pregnant women ask me when my due date was! 

My husband is really excited for his Grandson to be born.  He has been calling our daughter several times a day.  I think that he is more nervous than my son-in-law is.

While waiting for Caleb to arrive, I found this nice story about a grandfather waiting for his grandchild to be born - this is sooooo my husband. Enjoy the read.

I would love to hear from other expectant parents or grandparents.  Let me know what you have been doing to pass the time while waiting for him/her to arrive.

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